Introduction: Potato Man

I tried to be creative and wanted to make something new so I decided to make a 3D potato man using Sketchup. I got the inspiration from the series of movie that I used to watch a lot when I was a kid which was Toy Story.

You need:

Sketchup (or different kinds of sketching app such as Fusion 360)

A mouse (optional, but it will make your work easier)

Your hands and ideas

Step 1: Sketch

Firstly, I sketched what I thought a potato man would look like. I used my imagination and my opinion of what it would look like. It's okay if your sketch won't be the same as mine because everyone has different ideas planned out in their mind.

Step 2: Scribble a Line

After sketching the shape out, I opened up the app, SketchUp. I used the tool, lines, in Sketchup to scribble a line that looked mostly like a potato. The shape did not come out in one try and I worked several times to make it the way I wanted.

Step 3: Make It 3D

I used the tool, push and pull, to pull out the shape into a 3D shape.

Step 4: Shape Out His Face

Nextly, I used the rectangle and circle tool to shape out the potato man's glasses and mouth.

Step 5: Add in the Colors

I used the paint and bucket tool to choose the colors that best fit the potato man. For me, this was the most fun part of the project. I tried most of the brownish colors for his body and chose the best fit.

Step 6: Make an Arm

I drew a rectangle on the side of the potato man and again used the push and pull to pull out his arm. Then, I sketched another line and pushed it out to make the arm more realistic and not awkward.

Step 7: Repeat

I did the same thing for the other side.

Step 8: DONE!!

This is what the potato man looks like at the end. Thanks for watching!

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