Introduction: Potato Musical Keyboard

We are making a potato musical keyboard using makey makey and scratch.




Foam Board

Glue Gun

Alligator Clip

Iron wire

Plastic cover for insulation

Step 1: Design the Keyboard in TinkerCAD

I made a design for the keyboard in tinkerCAD.

Step 2: Write the Musical Keyboards Program in Scratch

Go to

Click on create.

You will reach work area.

From add extension in the bottom add Makey-Makey. Drag the "when the key pressed" component to screen.

Go to the add extension and add music.

Drag the paly note node to screen.

Do as you see in the image of the program.

Step 3: Making the Keyboard

Cut the iron wire in 50mm.

Cut the potato pieces in desired way. (For me 50mmx2mm)

Make the Box.

Pin the iron wire to potatoes and connect to makey-makey board using alligator clips.

One thing I missed during my initial design to add a insulating bottom.Without this keys wont work properly and they interfere.

So add a insulator material under the potato keys.

Step 4: Trying Fur Elise.

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