Introduction: Pouch

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This is a useful pouch that you can use to put you crotchet and knitting stuff in it.


•Crotchet Hook

Step 1: Chain Stitches

You should do chain stitches double the size you want it to be because you will have to fold it in half.

Step 2: Double Crotchets

Now you will chain an extra 3 and put your hook in the 4 chain away from the hook.Then continue your double crotchets. The end of the row. One you get finished chain 3 and turn your work around and do more double crotchets till the height that you want.

Step 3: Fold

Fold your pouch in half and crotchet the sides to get her so you would get closed sides. And leave the top open.

Step 4: Finished

Now you can put your stuff in it.
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