Powder Coating

Introduction: Powder Coating

This is about a little powder coating i tried about 6 years ago.

Step 1:

I made a booth out of an old tote. Ran a piece of all thread through the top to hang things on, hooked the ground to that. I could spray my project then sweep the powder up to use again.

Step 2:

I needed a small oven to heat the parts so I found an old mail box cut a hole in the back and mounted an old hot plate in the hole, added a couple bolts for legs.

Step 3:

Flipped it over added some old insulation and covered it with aluminum tape, Drilled a few holes and put welding rod through it to hand parts on. Hung a thermometer in it and it was ready. I used that till I needed a bigger one.

Step 4:

I was driving down the road and someone had thrown an old cook stove away. It had no burners but still had the bottom heating element so I hauled it home and used it to heat bigger projects.

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    3 Discussions

    I think this instructable’s title is misleading - it should be titled ‘how to make a diy project oven’ or similar as there really isn’t any powder coating in it other than as the motivation to make a diy project oven. The pic on the instructable is misleading as well.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Completely agree, I even red it twice to convince myself that I didn't miss anything


    1 year ago

    Great instructable! Very creative. Thanks for sharing it with the community.