Introduction: Dremel (780) Power Supply

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As most of makers I also has a Dremel tool. I have been using an old 780 model for specific purposes during many time, however in some cases the battery duration not is long enough for my tasks... .Since in most cases I work in a bench-top, don't is necessary a battery tool. For this reason I decided to make an adapter for connecting the tool to a 12v DC transformer I usually use in my other tools.

( in advance, I'm not native speaking English, I apologize for the grammar disasters or the vocabulary mistakes)

Step 1: Materials

You need to print the carcase and its cover. You have space enough inside the carcase for make your own electrical design. Probably with a DC Power Jack Socket Female Panel Mount Connector and a AC/DC 9v transformer it will work. In my case, I decided to use an internal converter module.

In this BOM the two metallic push-pins are very important because they will be the contact with the internal Dremel electric connectors.

I also recommend the use of faston terminals, it make the wiring very simple.

Step 2: Mounting

I think that the pictures explain the assembling process with enough detail.

You need a soldering iron, melt adhesive gun and the standard electrical tools.

Some advices:

1) the use of 2,5 diameter wires allow a direct plugging of push-pins to wire.

2) the use of one plastic bracket will along with the glue, allow a better fixation of the DC female wire to the cover.

3) Take care with the positive and negative wires. Into the battery you can review the polarity. If you're wrong, it just does not work

Step 3: Voltage Regulation & Final Assembly

The 780 model need 9,6 v, I adjusted to 9,3 in order to fix a safety margin.