Introduction: Powering the SSC-32 Servo Controller

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The SSC-32 servo controller is one of the handy servo shields that you can find on the market. This is because is can control 32 servo motors. Think about it. What can't you do with 32 servo motors? 

If you are thinking of creating/controlling a robot, i would suggest you use the SSC-32. You can get it from lynxmotion or bizoner. Actually, i got myself one and i am planning on using it to control a robot arm using a joystick. Trust me, it will be fun. I will post the project once it is done, so stay tuned.

Before you start using the SSC-32 it is important to understand all its features and specifications. This enables you to know how the SSC-32 works. In addition to this, you should know how to power it.

Powering Options

There are different ways through which you can power your SSC-32. If you are working on a small project that will be running for a short while, it is advisable to use one power source. The connection is shown in the images above. The jumpers VL=VS1 and VS2=VS1 should be connected and the board should be powered through the VS1 terminals.

If your project has many servos and is meant to operate for a longer time, i would suggest you use alternative powering options. Visit this link, SSC-32 Powering options, to see the different options that you can use before you get started.