Introduction: Pre-sliced Banana Prank!

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Imagine how surprised you would be if you peeled a banana and it was already cut into regular chunks. Yup, that's what I thought.

This instructable is about a prank I like to do that never fails to surprise people, especially if you tell people it's a new type of genetically modified banana! It's low-cost and quick.

I am not responsible for any split sides, cracked ribs or any other injuries that may occur with this prank.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

A banana (Fairtrade of course) - works better with slightly brown skinned bananas because any visible marks will be camouflaged
Some kind of needle or pin (clean - wash it first)
A tissue or cloth to wipe the banana afterwards

Step 2: Preparation

This is where we actually cut up the banana. First, make sure the needle is longer than the banana is wide otherwise you're going to have a problem.

Insert the pin into the banana somewhere near the top depending on your preference on how big the slices should be. Try to wiggle around the needle. It helps to poke the needle in at least three times, one straight and one facing each side.

Try a sawing action to cut through the banana, taking care to try and not poke through the other side. You should be able to feel if you've cut through the banana.

When you take the needle out, angle it as much as possible to one side. Put it back in and do it on the other side. This will ensure that it is cut all the way through.

Do this all the way down the banana, spacing the cuts evenly. Don't make all of the cuts from one side, that type of regularity looks suspicious.

When you've done with the cuts, wipe the banana with your tissue or cloth. Any visible points where you inserted the needle will now look like natural blemishes on the skin. Cutting the banana will become easier and quicker with practice.

Step 3: The Prank

It is your choice how you execute this prank. Whether you tell someone it's a new species of banana, a genetically modified superbanana, or just leave it in the fruitbowl for someone to peel as you look on, one thing is guaranteed. Hilarity.

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