Introduction: Precision Helping Hands

The standard helping hands are horrible in my opinion.  Its like having a handicapped helper.
I came up with a better version.
I kept the standard alligator clips but used 2 dial indicator bases.

Items needed:
  • 2 (or more) Dial indicator bases with fine adjustment  Harbor Freight  link =
  • Clamps/clips of your choice (can be made interchangeable and should be)
  • JB Weld & Acetone to fill in clips' base  (acetone is ideal to thin out JB Weld)
  • A piece of scrap steel (no aluminum or Stainless, its not magnetic! lol )
  • And optional aluminum tape (home cheapo or the like in the duct work section)

The adjustment dials makes it actually usable. When wiring up connectors and such, you can dial it in so they meet *just* right.  The arms are reversible and can be articulated into almost any position. (plus the magnets have an on/off switch and work from the bottom or back side.)  Its a very modular and stable system.

Simple fill in the hollow of the clips with the JB Weld and let cure. (a little tape can keep it from oozing out)
Wrap non working end in aluminum tape (if needed to build up the outside diameter to fit the holder well)
Assemble the clips into the indicator base and enjoy a better version.