Introduction: Pressed Flower Paper Lamp

This nightlight is easy to make - with very few materials!!

Step 1: Equipment

You will need :

wall paper glue



paint brush

tracing paper


lamp making kit

light bulb (Low Heat: LED)

Step 2: Paper Mâché

1) Blow up a balloon to the size you would like your lamp to be.

2) Soak leaves or flowers (for decorating the lamp) in a bowl of water to try and keep the leaves from cracking when placed.

3) Using a paint brush, apply a strip of glue on the balloon, then gently press a strip of tracing paper onto this area. Immediately after, paint more glue onto the top of the tracing paper.

4) Repeat Step 3, ensuring that the strips of tracing paper overlap each other. Lay strips in different directions (perpendicular, diagonal, etc) around the balloon until the balloon is fully covered. Once the balloon is fully covered, add another layer of strips.

5) Get the leaves (or flowers) that are soaking in the water. Decide where and which way the leaves will be placed. Don't forget the knot end will be the bottom side of the lamp!

6) Place glue on the area where the leaf will be applied, and gently press the leaf onto the glue. Fully cover the leaf with a strip of trace paper, gently hold down the edges of the paper until they rest in place. If the edges curl up, add more glue. Repeat until you have finished your decorations.

7) FINAL LAYER OF STRIPS: To make it look more neat, try using long strips of tracing paper for the final coating.

Step 3: Drying

Hang your paper mâché balloon for drying. When the glue is completely dry either pop the balloon or wait till the balloon shrinks. I let mine shrink, it took around two days for the balloon to deflate, leaving a bowl.

Step 4: Adding the Light Bulb

  1. With scissors, carefully cut a hole at the bottom of the balloon, without breaking or denting the night-light. This hole will be the base of the night-light, so if it's not level or straight your night-light will be crooked or there will be gaps at the base. My balloon's opening was 8cm diameter. Whatever size you choose, make sure it is large enough to place your hand inside the night-light.
  2. Make a hoop with the wire, try to make it a little bigger then the size of the opening in the paper mâché bowl you have made. Get another piece of wire and wrap it tightly around the socket, this will hold the socket in place. (see 3rd photo)
  3. Place the light bulb socket in the middle of the hoop then wrap the 2 ends around the hoop as shown in 4th photo.
  4. Screw in low heat light bulb (LED) into the socket.
  5. Place the hoop inside the night-light. You may need to temporarily deform the hoop for it to fit through the night light opening.
  6. Make sure the hoop does not fall out of the lamp when the lamp is lifted. If so, you will need to make the hoop larger.
  7. Cut a TINY 'V' shape along the edge of the opening, just large enough for the wire to enter the night-light. Make sure this cut is made at the BACK of the night-light. (see photo 6)
  8. Now paper mâché the hoop into place with several layers of trace paper.
  9. Wait for it to dry.
  10. And you're finished! Night, night!
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