Introduction: Prevent Snooze Alarm

Did you ever nodding when you are studying, and you want to stay awake, but you can't? Well, I make a cool machine that can make you awake. It's name is prevent snooze alarm. It's work easily, you put the alarm in front your desk, when your head is down and on the table, the alarm will make a loud noise and awake you up.


  1. Ultrasonic sensor

  2. Leonard Arduino board

  3. Speaker

  4. Breadboard

  5. Lots of wire

Step 1: Make the Box for the Alarm

I made the box by cardboard, because it is very cheap and useful.

You will need six small cardboard, you can get a big part of cardboard for free in some big store like Costco, and cut it in to six piece. One of the cardboard need to cut a small hole for the ultrasonic sensor, and built a small platform. And you can start to stick five card together by hot melt adhesive. Leave one hole to set the ultrasonic sensor letter.

Step 2: Set the Arduino and Wire Up

Look at the picture to set up the wire.

Step 3: Coding the Code Into the Arduino

Copy and paste on Arduino Computer app and uplode it in to arduino.

Step 4: Build Up the Arduino With Its Box

Throw the breadboard and speaker into the box, and put the ultrasonic sensor on the platform.

Step 5: You Can Start to Use.

Plug power and put it high as you head on your table.