Introduction: Sensitive Night Light

You will need:

  • Arduino
  • Breadboard
  • Computer
  • LED photoresistor
  • Resistors
  • 6 LED Light

Step 1: Set Up the Wire

  1. Plug the wire at GND and the Negative ground on the breadboard
  2. Plug the negative ground of LED into the negative ground on the breadboard.
  3. Plug the resistors to the anode ground of the LED
  4. Connect the resistors 1-6 to the digital ground 2-7
  5. Put one pin of The photoresistor at the negative ground and another in the middle Of the Breadboard
  6. Connect a wire from photoresistor to the Analog In, and connect a resistor at the same row
  7. Plug the other pin of the resistor to another row, and connect another wire to the POWER 5V

Step 2: Open Your Computer and Code the Code in to Your Arduino

Download the ino. and open in the Arduino App, and connect your arduino. I got this code from, I change the sensitive off the LED photoresistor, let it can be more easy to be trigger of opening the light.