Introduction: D4E1 Puncture Aid

Our "punture aid", exists out of two parts, namely a puncture pen with a modified grip and a glove that reduces shaking. Mireille has a severe tremor. The pen is much easier to handle for Mireille an the thickend grip on the pen helps her to puncture with a functional pen grip. The needle clicks in and out, which garantees safety when it's stowed away. Also, the glove has an piece with some extra weight on the top of the wrist to provide some stability.


- Glove

- Sandbag

- Anti-slipmat

- Pen

- Needle

Step 1: Make a 'puncture Pen'

Take a regular, empty ballpoint pen that you can take apart. Remove the point of the pen and replace it with a needle. You can use any kind of needle: thick or thin, sharp or not,... If necessary, you can add a modified grip to the pen.

Step 2: Cut the 'anti-tremor Glove'

For this step, you'll need a glove that fits your or your client's hand. Cut the thumb, index finger and middle finger out of the glove. You kan finish off the edges of the fabric with the sewing machine if you like to.

Step 3: Make a Sand Bag for the Wrist of the Glove

Take two small pieces of fabric (ca. 8 cm- 6cm) and sew three sides together. Now you have a little bag to insert the sand. Take all the sand you need to fill the bag. Make sure it's not too full though, because you still have to sew the last side together. If the bag is closed, sew it on to the glove on the top of the wrist.

Step 4: Add an Anti-slip Layer to the Glove

Cut a small strip of anti-slip fabric in the size of the pinky side of the glove and sew it on.