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After spending a weekend in a forest lodge with no TV, internet or cell phone service I decided to attempt to make a primitive weapon/axe. But with limited resources and lack of caveman skill I ended up finishing it once I got home. So take a look and see what you think, not great but when you have time and wilderness not a bad idea to give it a shot. It could be used to chop wood crack nuts our crush little animals for nutrients(or coconuts if located in tropical areas)

What you need:

Something to scrap bark off with(i had a hatchet so i just used it...i know not very primitive o well)
a knife

Step 1: Find a Good Tree

Find a good tree and cut it down. Or if you are environmentally friendly just find one on the ground that will work in order to make a handle out of it. For this I found a small tree that was broken in half already so just cut the rest down.

Step 2: Cut Piece You Need From Tree

Now figure how long you will want your handle and chop a piece that long...doesn't need to be exact it's primitive remember.

Step 3: Scrap the Bark and Carve Handle

Once you have the piece you need for the handle start to scrap the bark off( i used a hatchet).

After all bark is removed begin to taper the branch to form a handle.

Step 4: Make Hole

the next step is to make a hole that your rock will wedge itself into. the key to this is that every time you hit something the rock wedges more and more and sticks.

Step 5: Insert Rock and Lash

once your hole is large enough stick your rock in it and give it a few whacks to set it in tight. now on to the lashing in all actuality the lashing doesn't do much for this application but it does provide you with several feet of para-cord which can be used to make shelter and several other things as most of us know.

The last picture is the place i was staying during most of the fabrication of this tool hope you like it. vote for it where you see it thanks.

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