Introduction: Princess Dress Up Trunk

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What do you make for a three year old's birthday gift when you have lots of random craft supplies handy? A princess themed dress up trunk, just like *I* always wanted!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Most of my tutorials give fairly precise instructions, and quantities/measurements. This one, not so much. My goal was to use as much as I could of my existing hoard of craft supplies. I'm quite pleased to report that I spent less than ten dollars on extra materials; those items I sourced from thrift stores and craft stores.

For the Trunk:
Wicker/wood trunk style hamper
Craft or interior paint
Lining fabric (2 yards?)
Polyester batting (2 yards?)
Used bicycle box
Wrapping paper
1 sheet silver foil scrapbook paper
Assorted ribbon and lace (8 yards?)
Box cutter
Fabric scissors
Tape measure
Paper scissors
Decoupage glue
Foam brush
Small paper cup
Hot glue gun
Large package hot glue sticks
Precut flat wooden letters
Craft paints
Paint brushes
Assorted small decorations

Step 2: Paint Trunk Exterior

I thought I had pictures of the painting step, but I do not.

First, I wiped down the trunk with a damp sponge and tapped down a couple of protruding tacks. Since my hamper was made of unfinished wood, I didn't need to do anything extra to prepare it for painting.

Next, I put down a drop cloth and started sponging the trunk with a smoky lilac interior wall paint. Once that dried, I daubed metallic gold craft paint in a random pattern. The result was oddly akin to a dragon's egg finish.

Step 3: Line the Interior

To make the trunk extra fancy, I decided to upholster the interior.

I took the measurements of each vertical side and cut out corresponding pieces of cardboard. Each of those pieces I covered with a rectangle of polyester batting, with enough extra around the edges to fold them over and tack them down with the hot glue gun. I repeated this process with rectangles of satin fabric. Before I placed the finished upholstery panels inside the trunk, I glued a layer of batting and a layer of satin to the bottom inside.

Step 4: Decorating the Trunk

If my glue gun trigger finger didn't hurt already, it certainly did after sticking glittery gold ribbon around the tops of the trunk. I used lavender wrapping paper to line the inside of the lid. The "mirror" was made from a sheet of silver foil card stock, framed with gold venise lace. My lovely and talented wife painted the balsa wood letters.

Step 5: Costuming!

Left to right, I made a few costume pieces to go with the trunk:
Soft, fuzzy red hooded cloak
White organza tutu skirt with holographic sequins
Princess dress in satin and lace

The cloak pattern I made on the fly, but managed to complete it with one yard of 55" wide fabric, some bias tape, a velvet button and narrow elastic.

Tutus are fun, this one was an easy project. I made it from a long scrap of sari fabric, stitching it up at the side and making a simple casing for an elastic waistband.

The princess dress is basically an old T-shirt embellished with embroidered iron on patches and a satin skirt attached.