Introduction: Princess Perler Beads

Perler beads can be so much fun. But sometimes you can get board with the same designs. Princess designs are perfect for girls of any age.

Step 1: Getting Started

The fist thing is you will need various colors of beads for a princess. For sleeping beauty I used a hot pink(or a blue) white black red peach or tan yellow and a light orange

To make the princess you will also need to use the square template

Start by placing 7 pink or blue beads in a row at the bottom of the template

Step 2: Her Dress

For her dress you need to add a row of 5 pink or blue beads on top of the 7 you just added

On the next row add white then pink then white then pink (or blue)

On the next row the pattern is white white pink or blue white white

For the top of her dress make a row of 3 in pink or blue
Then a row of 5 of pink or blue

To make her dress straps add pink or blue beads as shown in the pictures

Step 3: Collar and Neck

Sleeping beauty needs her collar!

To make her collar add a white in between her straps and next to her straps

Add whites on top of her straps too and one white next to those

For her sleeves add a white on both sides of the row with 5 beads as in the pictures

For the neck add a peach or tan color in between her collar
Then add a row of 3 on top of that

Step 4: Face

On top of the row of 3 tan beads add 3 more rows of tan or peach on top of that

In the top 2 rows add black next to them to add the eyes
Next to the eyes add a peach or tan bead

Under her eyes add a red bead for her cheeks

Step 5: Hair

The princess's hair is a light orange color

Start under her arms and add 3 beads on both sides and add 2 at the end of her arms

Above her arms add 3 beads on both sides next to her collar bottom and 2 next to the top of her collar

Next to her neck add 3 beads

Next to her cheeks add 2 beads for her hair

By the eyes add one for both rows on both sides

On the very top Of her face add a row of 9 beads
The next row add one orange on the ends then add a yellow on the inside of that
Full up the rest of that row with orange

Step 6: Iron and Crown

Add a sheet of parchment paper on top of your princess and iron it on a medium setting

Move your iron in a circular motion until all of the beads are melted together

When cool slowly peel off the paper to revel your princess

But your princess needs a crown
To do so take your princess off of the square and move her down a few rows so her body is hanging off a bit
You need to do this because you may not have enough room on the square for the crown

On the next row add a pattern of 2 orange 2 yellow 1 orange 2 yellow 2 orange

Then add a row of 7 with the three inner beads being yellow and the end ones orange

On the top row add 5 beads the middle one is yellow and the end two one both sides are orange

Now add more parchment paper so you can iron

Iron the top first then start to melt it to the rest of the princess

Let it cool and peel if the paper

Step 7:

Enjoy your Perler bead princess!!!!!!