Introduction: Pringles Can Storage Organizer for Desk or Wall

This Instructables is for people who eat a lot of Pringles, or like organization. This is a pretty basic build seeing as it only needs hot glue bring those containers and a little bit of spray paint and patience.


Grab and go Pringles containers
Hot glue gun and for to ten sticks (depending on how much glue you use)
Spray paint
Piece of cardboard/paper

Step 1: Grab and Go Pringles Containers

depending on how big you want your shelf to be depends on how many Pringles containers you have I just got a big box and ate a couple of them.

Step 2: Remove the Lids and Wash All Pringles Containers

First of all, eat the Pringles and fill the container with water, then/the water around a couple times to get out all the gunk at the bottom. You might need to do this a couple of times to get everything out. Once you’ve done this white on the inside with a paper towel and set them upside down to dry.

Step 3: Start Gluing Pringles Containers

Glue the Pringles containers in groups of two at a time, use a zigzag pattern for the tightest fit.

Side note: make sure the tops and bottoms of the cans are flush and one is not higher than the other, otherwise it will not work right.

Step 4: Reinforcement

Add a quick stripe of glue so that your Pringles cans are attached completely and to make it look more flush

Step 5: Formation

Now arrange your groups of preclude Pringles containers into the shape you want, then repeat the gluing steps for every contact point.

Step 6: Spray Paint Time

Choose the colors that you want to spray paint your shelf/organizer with, and then have at it, if you’ve never used of war, don’t just spray it until it’s the color you want, do you light coats moving the canned from side to side to get in even finish.

Step 7: Let It Dry Overnight

Spray paint does not need this long to cure, however the more guaranteeing you are not to get anything in your house, also you might want to put it on a sheet of paper or cardboard like I did so that one, the shelf/storage organizer does not stick to whatever you’re letting it dry on and also so that paint does not drip off and stain your surface.

Step 8: Mount/place It

If you’re going to mounted on a wall then be careful what you put in it because it is made out of cardboard and Metal, however what I find best is to use it at my desk to hold my supplies.

If you decide to put it on a flat surface, you might want to put something behind it so that it is an angle and not flat
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