Pringles Speaker With Build-in MP4




Introduction: Pringles Speaker With Build-in MP4

I've been working on a project lately with a Pringles speaker.
I took a Pringles can, a Pringles speaker and an old mp4 player.
I modified the speaker so there are no wires on the outside.
Also I modified the can and i added a handle and a shoulder band so you can easely keep it with you at alltimes ( even hands-free)
Although every part is inside of the can, the sound quality is still very good, in the video the sound is not at the highest volume.
In the bottom there are some holes, so the bass can move freely in and out of the can, behind the holes there is a sponge, so dust cant get to the MP4.

Any suggestions or questions? Don't be afraid to ask them

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    9 years ago

    So where's the instructions..