Introduction: Dipping Sauce for Chips

Hi everybody!
This is my new Instructable for making a delicious dipping sauce for every kind of chips! Or for Others snacks...

It is based on curry and mayonnaise, but the most important is that it is quick and easy to make!!!

Good luck on making it and enjoy your snacks!

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(this sauce is devised by my mother)

Step 1: What You'll Need...

What you'll need to make this sauce is:

- Mayonnaise           (pic. 2)
- Curry                       (pic. 3)
- Ginger Syrup         (pic. 4)
- Water                      (pic. 5)

What is Usefull?

- a dish
- a tablespoon
- Chips (pic. 6)

Step 2: Let's Get STARTED!!!

So... before you start with this...
Be sure you've got everything you need to have.

Let's start!
get your dish, you're table spoon and the Mayonnaise.

Put ±3 table spoons of mayonnaise in the dish

Step 3: Already Hungry?

That was easy, not?

Now get a little bit of water (±1 table spoon, maybe put some more if the rest is done)
And put it By the mayonnaise.

Step 4: You Are Already Halfway!!

Now you'll need to get the Ginger-Syrup

Put ±1 table spoon of the Syrup in the same dish

Step 5: The Last Step!

Get the Curry and put a bit by the rest of the ingredients.

Stir it.

Is it too thick?
use some more water.

too thin?
use some more mayonnaise.

Now get some Chips and taste it.

is it a bit tasteless???
take some more Curry!

Does it have too much taste that is overwhelming?
Use some more mayonnaise.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now the only thing to do, is eat it!!

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