Introduction: Print-in-place Rolling Skateboard (tech Decks)

this is fun hour long print to do if you are bored. there is a regular skateboard and a longboard that you can print. they do roll!! I will be showing how I made/how you can make the longboard.

Step 1:

first I put a rounded square onto the buildplate and changed the dimensions to 42.50x16x2mm

Step 2: Making the Shape

next I cut another rounded square in half and changed it to the dimensions of 11x8.9x2mm then I made a duplicate of it which I rotated horizontally 180 degrees. I aligned the pieces to the middle of the first piece and moved the 2 half squares out until they made the shape look like a long board, then grouped them together.

Step 3: The Wheel Mount

Next I put a half cylinder on the grid and scaled it to the sizes of 9x6.49x9. then I aligned a 5x5 cylinder hole to the middle of It and moved It to the edge of the half cylinder.(as seen in photo) then duplicate it. then I rotated the main board so it was parallel to the main wheel mounts and alligned it to the middle(Y) and the front edge(X)

Step 4: The Wheels

I made a 3x3x16mm cylinder with another 6x6x2mm cylinder aligned to the center below it. then copy and paste the smaller cylinder and aligned that to the larger cylinder too. then raise the one you pasted up 14mm and group all of them together, and make a double of it.

Step 5: The Final Step

move each wheel so It aligns perfectly center to the hole in the wheel mount, and do this with both wheels. now your model should be done!!!

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