Introduction: Program Arduino Using Smartphone

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In this Instructable, I have shown you how to program your Arduino Board using your smartphone.

Step 1: Watch It

Step 2: Components Required

1. Arduino Board

2. Smartphone

3. OTG

4. V3 USB cable

Step 3: Install This App

To program Arduino board with your smartphone we are going to need an app called ArduinoDriod

Download the app from play store

After installing the just open it.

Step 4: Connect Your Board

Connect your Arduino board to your smartphone using the USB cable.

And now select board type in app, to select the board type go to ==>>

Menu(3Dot)/Settings/Board type/Arduino/(Select your Board)

Step 5: Upload Sketch

When we upload a sketch in Arduino IDE using PC, 1st sketch will compile and then the sketch will upload to the board. But in the smartphone, we need to compile it 1st then upload it separately.

Now write a sketch, compile it and upload it.

I am using simple Blink sketch, Go to ==>

Menu/Sketch/Example/Select your example...

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