Introduction: Project Uno-Basic Room Temp Sensor

This project reads the temp in the room and displays three different scenarios where the room is either normal temp, heating up/cooling down, or it's too hot. To do this you need:

1 X DHT11 temp and humidity module

1 X buzzer( I used an active buzzer)

3 X different color led lights

1 X LCD screen

27 X wire jumpers

3 X 220 ohm resistors

1 X potentiometer to control the brightness of the LCD screen.

Step 1: Step 1: Add LCD Screen an Potentiometer

Connect the LCD directly to the breadboard and connect a wire jumper to each pin as pictured. The order goes.



Pin 13

Pin 12

Pin 11

Pin 10





Pin 9


Pin 8

Potentiometer (Connect to power and ground)



Note that there are 4 empty pins that we do not need to connect in the middle.

Step 2: Step 2: Add a Temp Sensor

Attach the temp sensor directly to the breadboard and the pins go in this order.

Power (+5v) rail

Pin 3


Ground rail

Step 3: Step 3: Add a Buzzer and Three LED Lights

Attach an active buzzer and three led pins directly to the breadboard

Connect a jumper wire from the longer leg of the buzzer to Pin 4

Connect another jumper to the smaller leg of the buzzer to GND rail.

Connect resistors to the bent(anode) part of the led lights and attach a wire jumper in the same column as the resistors to connect to pins 5 (for the red led), 6 (for the green led), and 7 (for the blue led).

Connect a jumper wire to the straight part of the led lights to the GND rail.

Credit: Math for temp sensor