Introduction: Promo Screwdriver Improvement

(My first instructable, please be gentle. It will be short and sweet).

Done DIY type stuff before on a blog, but been meaning to make an instructable for a while now. This is a neat little trick I discovered quite by happenstance one day when working on a project.

I have a lot of these promotional double-ended type screwdrivers laying around so I keep one in every possible tinkering area or box. Sometimes I find myself dealing with a particularly stubborn screw that only seems to work with the flathead end of the screwdriver. That means I have to apply significant pressure to the Phillips end sometimes, which can really hurt my hand!

Yes, I could go out and grab a 'real' screwdriver, but sometimes I just want to use what is at hand. So when this happened last time instead of getting up I looked in a drawer for something I could use to put between my hand and the pointy end of the screwdriver...

Step 1: Cap That End!

... this is what I found. Fits perfectly!

Specifically the one I used above is a 22 6 AWG wire nut connector (screw connector). My screwdriver does not have a long shank on the Phillips end so the connector's threads can 'grab' on to the plastic of the screwdriver handle.

Now I have a proper screwdriver I can push on!

What if I want to use the Phillips end?

The answer is...

Step 2: Cap That Other End!

Found another wing nut connector, this one of a smaller gauge since I really need the screw threads to grab the metal itself.

Doesn't stay on as well, but works well enough for me. Also great if I want to carry this screwdriver in a pocket or something and not have it poke me!

Since many likely have both of these lying around, I thought I would mention it in case it helps anyone else.