Introduction: Propane Bottle Lego Head

One day I noticed that the humble Propane or LPG gas bottle is pretty much an exact large-scale version of a Lego Mini-fig head. So I decided to cheer up my BBQ bottle with a little Lego lovin'.

Step 1: Paint Your Gas Bottle

Starting with a basic LPG/Propane gas bottle, give it a wipe with turpentine to remove any grease and dirt, and then spray it with yellow paint. 

Step 2: Paint the Face

Wait for the yellow to dry thoroughly and then paint your face onto the bottle.  I used enamel hobby paints and painted the face freehand, but you could use a stencil and spray paint.

Step 3: Reinstall the Gas Bottle

Wait for the paint to dry and then reinstall the bottle back onto the BBQ. Then sit back and enjoy how much cheerier it makes any barbecue area.

I hope you've enjoyed this Instructable.