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Introduction: Propeller Mounted Ceiling Fan

About: I'm Karthikeyan an Avionics engineer.Completed B.E Electrical engineering and M.E Avionics engineering. Working as an Aerospace Engineer

I saw propeller desing from instructable and I made it using those steps as a hobby

I've seen another video from youtube in which propeller is used as a cieling fan blade so I decided to make the same with my own desing and Ideas . I used only scrap materials which I got from workshop for free of cost (Except motor and speed controller).

You can get enough details about propeller design under this blog:

Thanks to "Michael Duffy"

Step 1: Materials Required

Wooden Propeller


Chain drive

Bolt nuts

Paints and primer

Speed controller

15 CM Piston

GI tube to hold the entire assembly

old connecting rod to hold the motor and axis


Step 2: Motors :

I used A/c outdoor unit's motor as a prime mover I used two to maintain the C.G on the Axis of the fan.

Step 3: Driving Mechanism

100 cc bike's timing chain and spurs are used to drive the propeller it's simple chain drive mechanism and used for reduce the speed

Step 4: Speed Controll

I want 100 to 150 RPM but the motor's No load speed is almost 1000 RPM also electronic speed controller(It's hidden on the piston) is used to reduce the speed as well as match both motor's no load speed

Step 5: Painting and Assembling

I used spary painting. Two coats of painting and two coats of primer

Truck's piston is used to cover the upper potion

Step 6: Propeller Desing

I followed all the steps given in the "Wood Propeller Fabrication" blog and made the propeller and painted

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    5 years ago

    How much torque does that motor put out with the 10x reduction in speed? My cheep ceiling fan hurts if I touch it when it's on, and I wonder what that would do if you touch it while moving.
    I love the look of it though. Beautiful prop, but the motor assembly looks intimidating.


    5 years ago

    Great work!

    I specially like how you implemented another instructables into your project.


    5 years ago

    Hey, this is really cool!

    I made a wooden propeller a while back just for fun, and a few people have suggested it would make a neat ceiling fan. It's great to see how yours turned out! :)