Introduction: Proper Hand-Washing

There are countless opportunities people have every day to wash their hands and based on my own experience, they either don't wash their hands, or they do it wrong. I am here to give 11 simple steps on how to properly wash your hands.


- Sink

- Hands

- Soap

- Towel or Paper Towel

Step 1: Get Your Hands Wet.

The overall handwashing time should be the amount of time it takes you to sing "Happy Birthday" twice.

Step 2: Apply Enough Soap to Cover Your Hands Completely

This ensures that you are able to effectively clean your entire hands.

Step 3: Rub Your Hands Together

Step 4: Clean the Back of Your Hands

Use 1 hand to clean the back of the other hand and clean between the fingers. Repeat the process with the other hand.

Step 5: Rub Your Hands Together and Clean In-between Your Fingers

At this point, you should be one time through "Happy Birthday."

Step 6: Rub the Back of Your Fingers Against Your Palm

This will clean your knuckles and parts of the fingers we don't usually think about cleaning.

Step 7: Rub Your Thumb Using Your Other Hand

Repeat the process with your other thumb

Step 8: Rub the Tips of Your Fingers on the Palm of the Other Hand

Do the same with the other hand

Step 9: Rinse Your Hands With Water

Great job, you're almost done!

Step 10: Dry Your Hands Completely

Use a disposable towel or a hand towel.

Step 11: Use the Towel to Turn Off the Water