Introduction: Protect Your Memory Stick, With Paper Towels & a Mint Tin

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In this short Instructable I will show you how to protect your memory disk from regular abuse, with paper towels & a mint tin. It hardly costs anything and works very well, as long as you don’t sit on it. After breaking a USB, I decided to build some defence. I have tried many ways, and this worked best.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:

• A mint tin
• Some paper towels or strong tissue


• A USB memory stick(no larger than your tin)
• Tape

Step 2: Paper Towels

Firstly, fold a little piece of paper towel so that it is approximately the shape and size of the base of the tin. Poke it down to the bottom of the tin and make sure that it is centered enough. The next bit is to fold a piece of paper towel to make it a long strip, a bit under the height of the tin. Then wrap the strip around the USB until you have made a ring. Loosen the strip and put it in the tin. Make sure it fits tightly, or else take it out and loosen it a bit more. You can secure the loop with tape or you can just leave it out. You can also secure the loop to the tin with tape, but I didn’t do it because it looks better without the tape. The loop shouldn’t fall out when you take out your USB if it fitted tightly into the tin, friction does the trick. Make sure your USB fits into the tin easily now, but try not to make this bit very tight because it might drag out the loop when you pull out your USB.

Step 3: You Are Done

Now you should have a tin with some protective paper towels and it is a USB case now. It should look just like any other mint tin with a lanyard sticking out. If you would like to add something or point something out, feel free to comment it.