Introduction: Mini Rockets

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hey Instructable community! i haven't posted for a while, so here's one that will be fun to make

Today i will show you how to make mini rockets out of the stuff you find in your house and only takes 10 minutes to make

Step 1: Materials and Tools

All you need here is:

- tape (masking tape is probably best but duct tape would also work, but don't use clear plastic tape)
- paper (a normal piece of paper)
- a sparkler (or more if you want to make a larger rocket)
- a few matches


- scissors
- pliers or something to remove the hardened powder from the sparkler and bend the wire

Step 2: Make the Tube

cut a piece of paper approximately 5 cm x 10 cm

if you're going to use more than one sparkler make sure you roll a tube a lot longer than you need, half a centimetre in diameter

use masking tape to seal up the side of the tube and cut a bit of the two ends off, for neatness.

Step 3: Adding Fuel

now that you have a 5 cm tube the size if a cigarette, you can now seal one edge and start filling it with powder

fold one end the way shown in the images and seal with tape

now that the end is sealed, you can go ahead and put the sparkler powder in. i made a funnel out of a bit of paper, but you'd have to make sure the powder doesn't have chunks of unbroken bits of fuel so that it doesn't clog up

do make sure the powder is packed tightly and compact by pushing it down every centimetre of fuel you add

Step 4: Add a Fuse

now you need to add a fuse, it is simply a bit of sparkler i cut off from

you cut 2 cm off another sparkler, be careful here because the powder could crumble off the wire

once you've done that, put a piece of tape on the side of the tube, and press the fuse in as far in as it would go then stick the tape to it while it still has good contact with the fuel

now you should have the fuse stuck to the tube but enough room to add a little more fuel for extra chance of ignition. go ahead and add a bit of match heads or powder you spilt earlier so that it will ignite very well.

tape up the fuse side into a cone shape so no fuel falls out

everything should be secure, and now is the time for you to add another layer of tape for neatness, but it isn't the final layer

Step 5: Stability

when you're launching the rocket, it is a good idea to have it fly straight and not go of to one side and zooming around in circles, so the next step is to put on something that would stabilise it. unfortunately, taping a piece of wire to the side int a good idea because it isn't very balanced so we will need to position it so that the centre of the wire is also the centre of thrust.

we can do that by bending the wire like in the picture

bend a Z shape with the wire from the sparkler and on the short side, make a half loop at right angles to the wire, as shown in the image

attach the half loop to the tube, making sure that the fuse side is facing the wire, like in the picture, then slightly tighten it so that it is firm, but not so tight that the tube buckles

now that the wire is on the tube, you can tape over the wire. this is the final layer so make sure it's smooth

the last thing you need to do is to make sure the wire is directly under the tube so it flies straight. you can do this by carefully rotating the end of the wire and if the tube rotates without wobbling, its good. if it wobbles, the centre of gravity is not on the wire, and you need to bend it so it is.

make sure you don't grip too hard on the wire when rotating it because it is just going to bend and you'd have to straighten out the whole thing again.

Step 6: You're Finished!

your mini rocket is completed. you can set it off in an empty space away from buildings and vegetation by lighting the fuse.

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