Introduction: Proximity Safety Bike Light

I won an Intel Edison with the Transportation and Safety Kit, so I decided to apply it on bike security, this is my first project and my first Instructable too.

In this instructable i will explain my little project, this is the first version. In the future I'm going to improve it.

I'm a true believer of the bike movement, I have a bike and I see the risk of riding it in the middle of the traffic, in the night, you can't ride your bike without the risk of being crashed. We need vial education, the cars don't respect your distance, don't leave the right distance beetwen their cars and your bike.

That is the reason of this project. I think in a light in the front of your bike that will notice you when a car is too near from your bike, then I think in the same but in the back, one light for you one for the car, in that way if a car is near to you, you can notice it with the help of one LED and the driver can notice too thanks to a light in the back of your bike that blink faster and faster while the car draws near.

In that way if the driver was distracted, the blink can attract his/her attention and they will brake, you can see the same without looking back thanks to a little LED in the front that blinks in the same way to the back light and you can take precautions.

In this case I used an Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Board but you can even use an Arduino.

Step 1: Materials


-Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Board / Arduino

-Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04

-7 LED

-2* 220Ω resistor

-Power Bank ( I used 2600mAh) (This will be the power source)

-1 Cable Usb-Micro USB


-Creativity to make the cases for the electronics

Step 2: Configure Your Edison

First you need to configure the Edison, you can read the following link for help

or watch the next video:

If you already did all the steps and you could do the Hello World (Blink an LED) , you are ready to start!!

Step 3: Code

I recomend you to upload the code to the Edison before the other steps, to make it easier to conect it into the computer.

The code reads the value of the ultrasonic sensor and calculates the distance, depending on the distance, the LEDs will blink at a different speed.

Use the Arduino IDE to upload it to your Edison.

Step 4: Cases

First you need to think about the case for your Edison, I used a case that I already had in my home (a plastic box from q-tips), but you can use an old box. Only make sure that the Intel Edison is safe. For the back lights I used a little candy box. Cut the box and make 6 holes, try to make them a little small for the LEDs, that way you can place the LED into the holes. For the ultrasonic sensor I used a piece of foami, make two holes for the triger and the echo, like in the picture.

Step 5: Building

For the back light bend the LED like an "L" (like in the picture), and weld the common catode of all LEDs, do the same for the anode, in the images you can find the scheme. Then you need to put a resistor, I used one of 220 ohms. When you finish, place the LEDs inside your case. For the front light I used a straw, put the LED inside with the wires. For the sensor cut the foami to eliminate the surplus.

Step 6: Connection to the Board

Use the picture to guide you in the conection to the Intel Edison, make sure that you have long wires to conect the sensor and the back light in the back of your bike, and the LED in the front.

Trig - pin 9

Echo- pin 8

Back Light - pin 12

Front Light -pin 4

Step 7: Setting the Project on Your Bike

Put the ultrasonic sensor on the back of the bike, make sure that the sensor is pointing horizontaly, this is so the sensor is able to get the right information.

You need to put the back light in an high area, I put it under the seat, the cars can see it if the light is on the top.

Secure all with wires (You can also use plastic straps).

Step 8: Power It and Ride Safely!

To start using it, only connect the power bank in the first microUSB port, next to the normal USB port, wait 5 seconds, the program is going to run and the lights will start blinking. Now you can ride your bike safely.

I will improve this project and it will get better with time.

Thanks for reading it. If you have a question or a suggestion please fell free to contact me.

I hope you enjoy this project!!

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