Introduction: Puch to Fly..

Paper planes are cool....paper tubes are cool too.

They're tubes which are heavier on an end and are spun while throwing to have an awesome flight.

Here's a good video on how to make them...straight from the designer's friend.

Anyways, they didn't have launchers like paper planes do. HOW UNFAIR!!..until now.



High density cardboard.

High density thermocol.

Glue, super glue too.

Scissors/ exacto / a cutter.

Paper/ newspaper, and magazine cutouts.

A motor(from a toy or something...really low rpm, less than 240), a switch, a battery case, a battery( I used a 9 volter)

Step 1: Starts With a Bang !

We're gonna be using cardboard for this build. I've got boxes from my computer's components.

Cut out a few circles These are about 7 cm in diameter, slightly bigger than the paper tubes.

Glue them together....sand the rough sides..I've used a 220 grit sandpaper.

Step 2: For Those Who Didn't Watch the to Make a Paper Tube.


Check out the images!!..

I've actually written this step after finishing the whole instructable...feels nostalgic now.

Take a paper,fold it by1/3.

Fold the folded part by 1/2.

Fold the folded^2 part by 1/2.

Step 3: Making the Tube a "tube"

Gently roll it up on a surface.

Open up the topmost fold.

Interlock the two ends between the last unfolded layers. The diameter of the tube must be lesser than the diameter of the drum it's going to be in...(Oh sorry, i spoiled the instructable : ( )

Refold the top.



Step 4: For Holding Arms....

Cut out a another piece of cardboard and bend it into a tube. Your hand is gonna go into it.

Cover it on some layers of newspaper and adhesive for added strength.

Step 5: Support It !

Make a thick backbone for the structure. This is gonna house the motor.

I've sandwiched two layers of high density thermocol between three layers of cardboard.

Finish it with clean edges.

Step 6: Getting in Shape

Attach the hand support to the thing made in the previous step.

Attach a motor on the top, and to the motor, attach the Disc made earlier.

Add a switch, and a battery case, and complete the connections.

I cut out and reattached a portion of the tube, just because it looks cooler.

Step 7: A'la Decor

Put some designs on your launcher, I painted it black and put some magazine pages all over (collage).

The tube was made using two layers of paper(one from the magazine) glued together.

Step 8: Time to Fly!!

Give the drum a spin with the paper tube in it, and punch in thin air.

Or...switch the motor on, and do the punch thing!!..REMEMBER, IT HAS TO BE A REALLY LOW rpm-motor, otherwise the tube won't detach from the drum, thanks to centripetal force.

Check the videos of them is for loading and the other shows how it flies.


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