Introduction: Pudding Cauldrons

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These little cauldrons are perfect for serving pudding out of to make the occasion a little more magic. These work well for Halloween or any other magical occasion (Harry Potter related things). And they are easy to make.

Step 1: Supplies

-Chocolate or candy melts of your choice (For mine I used Wilton Midnight Black candy melts as they were closer to a cauldron's color than brown)
-Vanilla instant pudding mix
-Green (or whatever color you want your potion to be) food coloring
-Cookie sheet
-Wax paper or a silicon baking sheet

Step 2: The Balloons

Blow up the balloons but not to full size. Make them just big enough that they are rounded. When the amount wanted it blown up, wash the balloons. No one wants rubbery desserts.

Step 3: Melting and Dipping

For melting your chocolate or candy melts, you can either use the microwave or a double boiler. I used a double boiler. For this just put enough water is the bottom part to create a good amount of steam. Place a metal bowl or the top part of the double boiler on top and pour in the candy that you're melting. Keep a close eye on the temperature as you don't want to burn the candy but you also don't want it to be too thick or else it will be difficult to dip the balloons.

If you're melting it in the microwave, just keep zapping your bowl of candy until it has melted to a smooth consistency. Make sure you use a big enough bowl that you will be able to dip balloons in.

When the candy is melted just right, take a spoonful of it and place it on the cookie sheet with either the wax paper or silicon baking sheet; this will become the base of the cauldron so it stands on its own. Carefully dip the balloon in the candy, trying to cover the bottom half of it as evenly as you can. Place the dipped balloon on the chocolate you spooned onto the sheet. Keep doing these steps until all your balloons have been dipped.

CAUTION: Balloons may explode if they get too hot! This happened to me and black candy went everywhere.

Set them aside to set. If you want this to happen a little quicker, place the sheet in the fridge.

Step 4: The Handles

To give these bowls that extra cauldron-y touch, they need little handles. Break the pretzels apart, leaving a half oval piece. Dip these broken pieces into the candy and place on the sides of the set candy bowls.

ANOTHER CAUTION: I would not suggest following my lead on using your bare fingers. The candy started to really burn after a while. Use gloves if they are available to you.

Allow the candied handles to set.

Step 5: The Pudding

The simplest step: just follow the directions on the back of your instant pudding package. When the pudding is set, add the food coloring and mix: instant potion.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Carefully cut the tops off the balloons so the air will leak out instead of the balloon popping. Carefully peel the balloons out of the bowls; don't worry if the thin layer of chocolate at the top breaks off. This part may just take a little bit of patience.

When the balloon is all peeled away, just add a few big spoonfuls of pudding and you're set! Enjoy!

(My cauldrons aren't the best because of the twenty things I was trying to accomplish that day and weaving in and out of the activities. Surely with practice they will get better. I have high hopes for anyone who tries this though.)

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