Introduction: Pulled Pork Pillows 2 Variations

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Delicious pulled pork wrapped in poproll dough with cheese

Step 1: Raid the Refrigerator and Pantry

I had some left over pulled pork I had frozen so I pulled that out, about a quarter pound?
shredded cheddar cheese about a third of a block or to your taste
 hot salsa
 sliced jalapeno peppers
 a can of pop rolls, the eagle eyed may realize I didn't use the one pictured, it turned out to be too old
 spray butter or oil

Step 2: The Mixes

I'm making up 2 types of pillows one is for myself using a hot salsa. I split the meat in about half and added the shredded cheese then added a couple tablespoons of the salsa to one bowl and mixed them both up

Step 3: Plain

for the plain pillows I cut the biscuits into approximately thirds, rolled each piece into a ball then flattened each ball into a disk with my fingers. You could use a rolling pin but then you have to pull out flour so the pin doesn't stick and make a mess on the counter with more flour... aint nobody got time for all that ! Then I put about a teaspon of the meat mix in the disk and pulled the dough up over and around the filling then placed it on a greased baking pan with the pinched side down

Step 4: Spicy Version

by the time I got to making mine I was tired of standing and playing with the dough so I only cut the rolls in half, the salsa made these a little sloppier to make and I had to make sure the dough stuck to itself and covered the filling completely. Although these were bigger I also added a slice of jalapeno to show which ones were spicy

Step 5: Baking

I preheated my oven to 350f. Because an electric oven cycles on and off I keep my cast iron cookware on the bottom rack of the oven to help regulate heat. I let them bake for about 20 minutes then turned on the broiler for a couple minutes to brown the top with the door open so I could see, then I turned off the stove and closed the door letting the pillows finish cooking with the remaining heat

Step 6: Serve

You could serve these with a dipping sauce, my daughter made some pillows with cream cheese and jalapeno filling and had a chili and cheese dip  intended for chips that was quickly turned into pillow dip ! I ate these plain

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