Introduction: Pumpkin Gut Pizza

-Spaghetti sauce



-Mozzarella Cheese

-Pizza Crust Dough

-Garlic and herb

-Pumpkin Moulds

Step 1:

Preheat Over To 400 Degrees Fahrenheit

Grease The Pumpkin Mold's

Cut The Rectangular Pizza Dough Into 6 pieces

Step 2:

Stretch The Pizza Dough DONT POKE HOLES

Put Your Desired Amount Of Spaghetti Sauce On To Each One

Put Your Desired Amount Of Pepperonis on Each One

Sprinkle Some Garlic and herb On Top

Put Desired Amount of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Sprinkle Some Parmesan Cheese On Top

Step 3:

Pinch The Side Till Its Tight And No Hole Anywhere

Put On In Your Pumpkin Molds

Step 4:

Put In Your Oven Keep In There Till Golden Brown

Step 5:

Take Out And Enjoy

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