Introduction: Triple Decker Cake

1 (461g) Cake Mix x3

3 Eggs x3

1 1/4 Cup of water x3

1/3 of vegetable oil

Any Food Coloring

Important Preheat The Over To 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 1:

Put The Cake Mix and the 3 Eggs and 1 1/4 Cup of Water and the 1/3 of a cup of Vegetable oil In A Mixing bowl

Mix A Medium Speed For 2 minutes

Step 2:

Mix Till it Looks Like This Add Any Food coloring you want

Mix Till Completely Orange

Step 3:

When Done Should Look Like This

Then Your Done With That Batch

Repeat The Same Steps Again

Step 4:

This Time Add A Different type 0f Food Coloring to The Different Batch ( I Choose Purple) You Have To Mix Till Its The Complete Color

Repeat The Same Steps Again For The Last Time

Step 5:

But This Time again use A Different food coloring Mix Till The Complete Color

When Done Should Look Like This

Step 6:

Lightly Grease And Flour Your Cake Pans Till The Look Like That

Step 7:

Put The Colors in A Cake Pan Play With The Colors Until u Find A Color U Like

It Doesn't Matter What u Do With The Colors

Step 8:

Put Your Cake Batter In The Oven And Let it Sit There for Approximately 30 Minutes

And When Your Done It Will Be Puffed Up (You Have To Poke A Toothpick In The Cake To See If Its Done)

Step 9: What U Need to Make the Icing

Flour, Sugar, Salt, Milk, Vanilla, Butter, Pot, And A Whisk

Step 10: Instructions on How to Make the Icing

Put 9 Table Spoons Of Flour And 2 Cups Of Sugar A Pinch Of Salt And 1 Cup Of Milk in A Bowl

Mix Till A Liquid Consistency

Step 11:

Put On The Stove On Medium Heat For 25 minutes (You Have To Keep Stirring Or It Will Burn And Stick To The Bottom Of The Pan) When Done Should Look Like Glue (When Done You Have to Let It Cool Down Till Its Not Warm Anymore)

Step 12:

Put 2 Cups Of Soft Butter In A Different Mixing Bowl Then Beat The Butter Till Is Light Colored And Fluffy

Step 13:

The Butter Should Look Like This When Done Beating

Slowly As The Mixing Is Moving You have To Put The Liquid Icing From Before In The Mixing Bowl By table Spoon Fulls

Step 14:

If u Did That Correctly It Should Look Like This Now Add Any Food Coloring To The Icing As You Want Decorate Your Cake

Step 15: