Introduction: Pumpkin Kerosene Lamp 3D Printed

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A while ago I saw an old oil kerosene lamp and that inspired me to create plastic version with bulb that everyone can 3D print at home. I was quite happy with the result and then I realized that I could make a Halloween version with ball shade shaped like a pumpkin. So here it is, my Halloween pumpkin kerosene lamp and I hope you will enjoy making it.


- Super glue (cyanide)

- 4 x 3x12mm pozi screws

- 12V battery (23A)

- 12V battery holder

- E10 12V bulb

- E10 bulb holder

- 20cm of insulated wire

- Mini on/ff switch

- PLA (black, red, orange or one color and spray paints)


- 3D printer (FDM)

- Soldering iron

- Wire cutters

- Philips screwdriver


- Slicing software for 3D model (Cura for example)

Step 1: 3D Design

I created the design in Fusion 360 and it took about 10 hours to complete the project. Here I have attached all the .stl files you need to print in order to assemble the Halloween lamp and you have few options when it comes to colors.

I would recommend printing that pumpkin lamp shade in orange PLA and then rest of the parts is up you really. I printed mine in red and black, kind of Halloween colors I think.

If you don't have many colors available you can print all in one color and then paint it after.

Step 2: 3D Printing and Slicing

All parts are designed to fit on standard size printer 20cmx20cmx20cm so you should be able to print all parts in original size.

Some of the files two handles or pumpkin lamp shade will require support material in order to print well. I used 5-6% infill for support material plus 10mm bring to increase adhesion to the printer bed. I would also recommend to set up x/y distance for support material to 1mm and z to 0.4mm. This little gap will make it a lot easier to remove the support martial later and it will still produce good quality print.

Normally I used 20% infill for the main bodies, except for the pumpkin lamp shade which I set to 5% only to increase transparency.

Step 3: Assembly - Bulb and Battery

Now we have to mount the bulb holder onto the bottom plate. The bulb holder has screw terminals so no soldering is necessary yet. One thing to remember is to put negative (black) wire through the bottom plate, because battery with holder will be sitting inside the bottom base and bulb will be on top (see middle picture).

Cut about 10-15cm of the wire and screw it to the positive terminal of the bulb holder. This wire will be soldered to mini on/off switch later on.

Once bulb holder is wired you can insert E10 12V bulb and screw the holder to the 3D printed plate (use 2x 3x12mm pozi screws). Please note that if you but LED version you have to remember about polarity. Check if the negative and positive wires are connected correctly by closing a circuit and checking if bulb light-up .

Step 4: Assembly - Gluing

Now we have to glue most of the remaining parts together. Picture above shows joining point between parts and where to apply the glue.

The two handles should slot into the bottom base and at the top I added a little bit of glue just to make sure it will all holds well.

Note: After gluing wait about 20 minutes before carrying on the assembly giving the glue time to cure.

Step 5: Assembly - Soldering

Now you have to do a little bit of soldering. Insert mini on/off switch into the base cover and then solder the positive wire from the battery holder to one pin of the switch and then the positive wire from the bulb to another.

Insert the battery holder inside the base and close it with the lid. You have two holes for pozi screw to fix the lid in place and if you will need to change the battery in the future you can simply remove the screw and open the base.

Lastly insert the semi circular handle into holes in your side handles (see picture) and glue the knob into place (there is a little hole for it in the bulb holder plate).

Step 6: Ready for Halloween

All you have to do now is to practice scary face impressions while holding your pumpkin lamp and you are ready for Halloween :)

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