Introduction: Pumpkin Light Decoration

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A few years ago I saw something online that I had to recreate, easy cheap pumpkin decorations.Wrapping a cheap $1 pumpkin bucket around a lamp creates an creepy glow that is perfect for the holiday. The effect can also be made bigger with bigger buckets. We found a $6 "large" bucket this year at Target that fit almost perfectly on our front porch light.


  • $1 pumpkin bucket
  • Scissors
  • Outdoor light

Step 1: Find a Bucket

These are the buckets we found at Target. The first two are the small $1 buckets, the kind you would give to a small child going out trick or treating. The third, as you can see compared to the cart is much larger but was still only $6.

Step 2: Cut the Bucket

Looking at the back of the bucket, you need to cut a line down. Try to line this up with the center of the face on the front the best you can. Then cut off the bottom. I found it was best to cut more than you think you need to from the bottom. You can't really see it when you wrap it around, and the curved edge can create bulges if it doesn't fit perfectly. You may also have to cut more of the back like in the last image. I found with my garage lights, there was very little gap in the back so I had to remove more of it to allow it to fit well.

Also, keep the handle attached. I found most lights let you loop this over the top giving it a more secure connection to the light so wind can't pull it off!

Step 3: Wrap Around the Lamp

At this point all you have to do is pull the pumpkin open and wrap it around the lamp. For the large pumpkin I was able to cut small triangles out and simply pull it up onto the light using the handle to hold it in place. I do recommend checking heat build up if you have hot lamps, and I do not recommend this for halogen as it could melt the plastic. I use all LED and found there to be almost no heat on the plastic after running for 24 hours.

Step 4: Enjoy the Spooky Look

Now all that's left is to enjoy the spooky look you've created. Complete your scary house with light strings, and of course window eyes!

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