Introduction: Pumpkin Pie Stuffed Apple Jack O Lanterns

Here is the perfect dessert for your Halloween party!

Step 1: To Begin

Gather all of your ingredients together.

1 29 oz can of pumpkin purée
1 stick of butter
1 c brown sugar
1 c oatmeal
Pumpkin pie spice to taste (about a table spoon)
Apples (This recipe will fill approximately 24 apples)

You will also need a:
Cutting board
Something to core the apples (we used a baby spoon)
Glass cake pan

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F

Step 2: Next

Mix all ingredients in a bowl

Step 3: The Creative Part.

Now it's time to make your apple jack-o-lanterns. Very carefully, cut the shapes for your design. Make sure you don't cut too deep or else you can create a hole for the filling to come out when you core it. You really only need to cut a little bit through the skin of the apple. Then use the knife to peel the skin off the shapes you made, revealing the apple underneath.

Step 4: Coring the Apple.

Now we need to create space for the filling. We just used a spoon but you can use a coring tool if you have one. Using a twisting motion scoop out the center of the apple. Go until you have made a decent sized cavity and removed all of the core.

Step 5: To Help the Apple Cook.

To help the apple cook better and soften we need to take a knife and make some cuts along the inside. Carefully, put your knife in the hole you made and make small cuts all around the inside. You should be able to gently squeeze the apple and see the cuts open up.

Step 6: The Filling

Next we fill the apples. Spoon a small amount of the filling in the apple making sure it fills the hole completely. We don't want empty spots in the filling. You can gently tap the apple on the counter to help the filling fill the cavity.

Step 7: Cook 'em!

Make sure your oven is heated. Put the apples in the glass pan and bake for about 40 min or until the apples are softened.
Remove the apples from the oven and let them cool for 5 min.

Step 8:

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