Introduction: Pumpkin Pull Apart Cupcake Cake

If you are looking for a fun and easy fall dessert, this pumpkin pull apart cupcake cake is for you! In the following steps, you will learn how to assemble and ice a pumpkin-shaped cupcake cake that everyone can enjoy! You can use this idea for a school treat, a party, or simply as a treat for your family and friends to enjoy.

Warning! This is not gluten or vegan friendly! This recipe contains gluten, eggs, and flour.



12x20 tray to put cupcakes on

Mixing bowl

Offset spatula

2 spoons

Paper towels


20 cupcakes

Orange food dye

One 8.4 oz spray can of green frosting

One 16 oz can of white frosting

Step 1:

Place the entire 16 oz container of white frosting into the mixing bowl using the offset spatula

Step 2:

Add 16 drops of orange food dye (or more depending on the shade of orange you prefer). Mix well using the offset spatula until there are no streaks and the color is evenly distributed.

Step 3:

On the 12x20 tray, arrange 18 cupcakes into a circle with two cupcakes lined up on top of the circle to create a stem. Be sure that all the cupcakes are as close to one another as possible to minimize gaps.

Step 4:

Using one of the spoons, add one scoop of the orange frosting to each cupcake and save the leftover frosting for later. Do not frost the top two cupcakes that will become the stem. Be sure to keep the other spoon clean for the green frosting.

Step 5:

Using the same spoon from step four, clean off the frosting from the offset spatula so you can use the spatula to frost the cupcakes. Then frost the cupcakes from side to side, holding the cupcakes in place if necessary. Then, using the leftover frosting in the mixing bowl, fill in any gaps between cupcakes.

Step 6:

Take the green frosting and spray it onto a paper towel first to make sure there are no hard pieces of frosting. If the can was previously used, the frosting tends to harden in the tip and clogs the nozzle. Then spray a dollop of green frosting onto each of the top two unfrosted cupcakes.

Step 7:

Using the back of the clean spoon, smooth out the green frosting on the top two cupcakes to create the pumpkin stem. Feel free to add more frosting if necessary.

Step 8:

Pull apart the cupcake cake and enjoy!