Introduction: Purchasing CamScanner

Purchasing CamScanner

Step 1: Adding the Gmail Account

Step 2: Specifying the Account

Select 'Google'

Step 3: Enter Current Device Unlock Passcode.

Type in device unlock code and then choose NEXT

Step 4: Type the Email of the Gmail Account to Add

Type the Email of the Gmail Account to add.


Type the password provided by IT and choose NEXT.

Step 5: Accept Terms and Service

Step 6: Decline or Setup Payment Info

Step 7: Click Menu on Upper Left and Choose the Medgrp Acct

Click Menu icon on upper left and choose the medgrp acct

Step 8: Click Drop Down Arrow to Expand Accounts

Step 9: Choose Medgrpbill Gmail Account

Step 10: Type 'Cam Scanner' in Search Field

Step 11: Lists of Apps

Step 12: Tap on the Cam Scanner (license)

Step 13: Tap on 1.99

Step 14: Choose 'Accept'

Step 15: Choose 'Continue'

Step 16: Choose 'Add Credit or Debit Card' Payment Method.​

Choose 'Add credit or debit card' Payment method.

Step 17: Choose 'BUY'

Choose 'BUY'

Step 18: Enter Password for Gmail Account Provided by IT

Enter password for Gmail account provided by IT.

Make sure "Remember me on this device" is UNCHECKED.

Choose 'CONFIRM'

Step 19: Choose 'EVERY TIME'

Step 20: Choose 'CONTINUE'


Step 21: Choose 'DOWNLOAD'


Step 22: Choose 'INSTALL'

Choose 'INSTALL'

Step 23: Choose 'OPEN'

Choose 'OPEN'