Introduction: Introduction to CamScanner for Android

Introduction to CamScanner for Android.

Step 1: Scanning and Email Using CamScanner

Welcome to CamScanner Splash Page.

Touch ' Use Now' on the Bottom-Right corner.


Step 2: CamScanner Permissions

Click ALLOW to 'Allow CamScanner to access photos, media, and files on your device?'

Step 3: Start Scan Button

Press the Camera Scan Icon on Bottom-Right corner

Step 4: CamScanner Camera Permissions

TOUCH "ALLOW"' to 'Alow CamScanner to take pictures and record video?'

Step 5: Select (Single Page) or (Multiple Page) Document Scan

Bottom Right ->> Single Page Mode is automatically selected.

Step 6: Ready, Steady, Aim!

Try your best to capture the entire document under good lighting conditions.

Press the Camera Button to take a CamScan.

Step 7: Document Adjustment

CamScanner will automatically scan the document for adjustments.

TOUCH the CHECK-MARK on the Bottom-Right to apply adjustments automatically.

Step 8: Rename the Scan

Click on the TOP-LEFT "New Doc" to rename the file.

After renaming, Touch 'OK' to rename the file.

'Auto' should be selected as a filter preset.

Click on the BOTTOM-RIGHT CHECK MARK to complete adjustments.

Step 9:

TOUCH on the PDF Preview/Share Button shown.

SELECT "PDF file (0.3MB)"

Select "Outlook" to email the document using Outlook.

Step 10: Compose Email With Scanned Document Attatched

Add Destination , Subject, Message and SEND (Top Right) !


Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager -> Outlook -> Permissions and enable the "Storage" permission

to allow attachment of files and fix the IO error when attaching files from CamScanner to Outlook.