Introduction: Pure Honey Taffy

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My boys like honey on their honey so as soon as I mentioned pure honey taffy I was hounded everyday until I made it. I had no idea how simple and very fun taffy was to make. My oldest son would have spent all day pulling the taffy if I would have let him. It's relaxing to stretch it and see the new form it takes on.

Who knew you could transform one amazing ingredient, made by spectacularly fascinating bees, into delicious taffy - what ever would we do without bees?!

Step 1: Boil Honey

There isn't really a recipe for honey taffy (since it's just one ingredient) just the steps to make it.

In a medium sauce pan over medium-high heat boil 3/4 cups of honey, of your choice, to soft crack stage (140 degrees Celsius or about 285 degrees Fahrenheit).

I used local honey to support my local beekeepers, and would recommend you try to do the same, but you could use any honey you could find at the grocery store also. If you can afford to use Manuka honey (my absolute favorite) to make the taffy let me know how it turns out. I couldn't bring myself to test the process with a small jar that cost me $26.99 but I would love to!! The taste is superior, in my opinion!

Step 2: Cool Honey

Once the honey reaches soft crack stage pour it out of the pan onto a silpat lined baking sheet. Using a rubber spatula continuously spread and mound the honey to help it cool. It will quickly start to string and stick together and start to pull cleanly off the silpat. This took me 5-10 minutes so be patient. Eventually the honey will become a warm mound.

Step 3: Pull Honey

Once the honey is cool enough to handle generously grease (I used butter) your hands and pick up the mound of honey. Start stretching and twisting the honey in any way you want. Your goal is to incorporate as much air as you can into the honey to make it into taffy. Once it becomes a very light caramel color the taffy is done.

Step 4: Cut and Wrap

Stretch the honey into a thin(ish) rope and cut into small pieces (approximately one inch in size) using buttered kitchen scissors.

Cut squares of waxed paper and wrap each piece by rolling it around a piece of taffy and twisting up the ends.

My batch made 50 pieces of taffy!

Eat and enjoy!

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