Introduction: Purple Holiday Glam

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Here is a Purple makeup look that is perfect for the holidays whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even if you just want to wear it for a night out.

Step 1:

First apply foundation and concealer, you can do this at the end if you prefer to do your eyes first.

Step 2:

Apply tape or hold something with a sharp edge, and apply a dark purple to the outer corner of your eye.

Step 3:

With a detail brush apply a mauve shadow above the crease almost like a cut crease, then blend it upwards with a darker mauve. Try not to get too much on the lid.

Step 4:

Take a medium purple and use it to help blend the dark purple shadow inwards. I bring it up to the outer part of my iris and no further. Then apply concealer on the lid were there is no shadow.

Step 5:

Apply a matte beige shadow to the lid. Then a shimmery highlight shade, don't forget to apply these shadows to the brow bone. Apply mascara, a thin winged liner, and false lashes if you'd like.

Step 6:

Highlight and contour the face, apply blush and then apply a shimmery highlight to the cheekbones.

Step 7:

Apply the dark purple and mauve shadows onto the lower lash line stopping where your lashes end. Then apply a black eyeliner to the waterline all the way to the inner corner.

Step 8:

Finally line your lips with a plum lipliner and fill in the outer corners. Then apply a plum lipstick, and with a bright pink lipstick apply it to the center of the lips for a subtle ombre effect.