Introduction: Purple Photo Frame(easy to Make)

Very easy and beautiful....:) u r gonna luv it after making ur's own 1..:)

Step 1: Step 1

Materials to be needed-
1-hard paper
2-purple ambush paper
8-glitter pen
9-white ribbon

Step 2: Step 2

1-scale the hard paper 9''/7''.. and width-1.5''...
2-cut the hard paper with anti cutter/ scissor...
3-then take the purple ambush paper and cut the paper in the small scale..
4-take the glue and attach the purple paper with the hard board athwart..
5-then cut down the extra part of purple paper by scissor and give the frame a good shape..

Step 3: Step-3(Decoration)

1- now take the different colors glitter pen and apply on your frame as u wish..I only apply the glitter in the down part..
2-then take a white ribbon and and make the simplest bow ever.. :p
3-and joint the bow with the upper corner of ur frame..
4-now take 2 pieces of hard paper and 1 piece of purple paper and attach the opposite part of the frame so that u can easily keep ur picture into it...
5-and leave ur frame for some moment for dry... 

Step 4: Tan Ta Na...:D Final Step

Frame is ready.. now insert ur picture in it and put ur lovely frame wherever u want..:)
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