Introduction: Push Pull Follower

Push Pull follower is a class B amplifier which is more efficient than class A .

Step 1: Crossover Distortion

One drawback of push-pull follower is the Crossover Distortion, it is occurs in Class B amplifiers because the amplifier is biased at its cut-off point then results in BOTH transistors being switched "OFF" at the same instant in time.

Step 2: Design the Push Pull Follower Circuit

1. visit the circuits-cloud simulator

2. Select circuit editor. Window of circuits cloud Workspace will open.

3. Choose the analog type of simulation.

4. The connection shown above, just drag and drop the components you need and then connect between them.

5. Make sure all components has been connected.

Step 3: Simulate the Circuit

- In order to simulate your circuit you should edit the parameters

- the editing done by double click on the parameter > edit > save parameter


1. AC source

voltage = 5 volt

frequency = 1000 Hz

2. NPN transistor

model = 2N222

3. The two DC sources

voltage = 10 volt

4. Resistor

Resistance= 10K

5. double click on the wires that you should get the input and output on it. put a name and click ( enable prob) then save.

- save the circuit
- click on Run > create new simulation - decide when your signal should start , when it will stop and the time per one step.

for example:

start time = 0

stop time = 5ms

Time step = 10us

- click on ( create and Run)

- Now the simulation will appears and you will see the input and output signals

Step 4: The Video