Introduction: Put Your Homework to Good Use

Alright, Its that time of the year. This year was tougher then the last. Fortunately, Summer is calling your name. Video games, late nights, freedom, and all! 

But what to do with all this leftover work. I mean really? Mrs. EveryoneShouldLoveMath would not ease up on those extra equations!

But Hold a Tic! There is something you can do with all those pesky papers! You could throw them in a bonfire and have a party of burning the ole school days away. However, for all those go greeners ( and for those who dont have the bonfire option like I) there is a lovelier way of turning school work into something decorative and possibly useful.

AND... you WILL have soooooooooooo much fun ripping equations in half!...while recycling. Thats easier to explain to your mother than the smell of burnt ink.


What did you make? 

I made a monogram out of old homework and cardboard. I just had so much homework left over from last semester, that it disappointed me to seen it tossed away - even in the recycling bin. So this creation came about. My inspiration was the Go Green Spirit and the need for decoration in my room. and locker. and soon dorm. I love this project over the others I had in mind is because there is a lot of potential. To each his or her own. One can create a unique piece. With some paper, glue, cardboard, and a little imagination, this cool personal inexpensive gift to yourself can go a long way. PLUS, it is really fun to rip your homework. each crinkle shakes a inch of stress away.

How did you make it?

Well... within the next 7 steps, you can see your homework be transformed into something lavish. I pretty sure that everyone wants to get rid of wasted space, especially when you see your backpack you realize you are becoming a hoarder. Its simple. Just rip, cut, paste, paste some more, and decorate. I cut a slot at the top so I can drop coins in. UNfortunately, I did not have all the necessary items, but thats what makes the project AWESOME. its so easy and even if you mess up some things it will still come out great. I have to be honest though. I wish I would have took a little more time to do this, but thats my fault. But I still love it. Imagine if you did this while relaxing, listening to music casually...those creative juices will be a'flowin!

Where did you make it? 

I made this at home in my kitchen and partially in my room. In the kitchen, it was a little fun constructing by the window with a gentle and a snack by my side. However I was in the way of others. IN my room, it was very relaxing. Literally ripping your stress away changes the atmosphere around you very therapeutic for me and maybe for you too. Like I said...each, his/her own

What did you learn?

First, my biggest issues with this project was not having the original supplies and thinking what could I do to replace the items missing. But that was easy, it only took me a matter of seconds to figure it out. MIdway I had doubt ( I know, I know I shouldnt have) but it came out better than I hoped which is rare. Im really glad I had the oppurtunity to share this idea with others. My suggestions would have to be to just have fun and think outside of the box (wink, wink). If I did it again, (which I AM!) I would experiment with different paper textures and colors and collect items to decorate. 

Step 1: So You Shall Need:

10-15 sheets of your Homework (you should have plenty)


4 Sheets of Cardboard (A ripped box shall do)



Scissors and/or Exacto Knife

Hot Glue or Tape

Elmer's Paper Mache Glue ( or if you are cheap like I, look up a paper mache glue recipe)  

Letter Stencil


White Paint 

Paint Brush

Blank Paper (for Custom Stencil)


Step 2: Cut Away

Now lets get started:

First organize your homework and Tear  It Up! Rip It! Rip it into thin strips. Tear and cut it into halves. But putting it into a paper shredder...No, the shredder takes away the fun.

And yes I take anatomy

Step 3: A Is for Awesome Amber

 Second, I am allowing you to make a choice. Thank you, you say? You are very welcome darling!  

You can either:

A:   Draw your own letter stencil using blank paper


B:   Print or buy a pre-made stencil/template of a letter 

If you choose to draw your own stencil, you will need to draw it NEATLY on the blank piece of paper like the provided example picture.
(but of course, all of you lovely smarties knew to do that) 

If you choose to print your stencil letter, then you will have to do a bit of work and cut it out NEATLY using the scissors.

And If you bought a prepared stencil, congratulations you are ahead of the game, and you may proceed to the next step NEATLY!

Step 4: Trace, Cut, Measure, and Cut Some More!

So now that you have your stencil, using a sharpie, trace around your letter on a sheet of cardboard. REPEAT Once. When completely outlined, cut the around the letters NEATLY. As neat as possible. Neat. You should now have two neat letters.

Now this part is a little tricky, you have to use a little math ( I am so sorry ) and some imagination. 

You have to figure out how to fill in the spaces between your two letters to make it 3 dimensional. Again you can use a template for several of the pieces or proceed to measure and cut the extras yourself. 

A picture is provided for your better understanding. 

Step 5: Sticky...

Now that we got that out of the way, we have to glue all of these pieces together. You may use tape to carefully place the pieces together.

In the picture provided, I used hot glue because it is easier to use and my sisters used all the tape in the house. 

Step 6: ...And Icky

Warning this can be messy, take caution and place down newspaper or cloth.

Once constructed, You may choose to paint the exterior with paint to strengthen and sturdy your letter. However, the letter will stand on its own without the paint.

Pour the Paper Mache Glue into a bowl.  Proceed to dip your hands in the glue and rub over a strip of paper onto the constructed cardboard letter. Yes you have to do this.

Place the strips on the cardboard letter in a criss cross pattern for support.  

Repeat until the entire letter is covered in your homework.

Step 7: Drumroll Please

AND.... Voila!

You now have a monogram made out of your homework. It is your prize possession.

If you cant tell what you have made, then go back you step 1, honey breathe, it will be ok, we are not perfect, its ok. 

If it turned out worthy of your room and not the trash, then again CONGRATS!

You may choose to get fancy and accessorize it or make another and give it a secret compartment like in the picture.

Have a Nice day and till next time.

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