Introduction: Puzzle Key Holder

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Make this simple and stylish key hanger!

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Step 1: 3D Design.

3D design is made with ScetchUp 2015 that can be found here. The program is free for home use.

The 3D files can be found from Redpah. All of these files are made by me and the price for all of the files that are printed in this Instructable is 1 Dollar + a file that has multiple names. LINK FOR FILES

But, If you ask politely and vote for me , i can send you the files for free ;)

Also if you want i can make a custom file with font and text of your choice.

The printable files scale very well.

Step 2: 3D Printing.

Print is made with Printrbot simple makers kit. The printer uses 1.75mm PLA plastic.

The prints were fast and good quality. The pieces snap together very well. Remember to calibrate your printer well before printing (anything).

One print with 0.2 layer height and 50mm/s speed takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Step 3: Fitting the 3D Printed Pieces.

I printed 6 key hangers. Each one has a key chain part and the hanger part.

The hanger part is stationary in the base board and the key chain part is with your keys.

Step 4: Puzzle Piece Base Board.

The base board is made from plywood. About 30 cm wide and 20 cm in height. I cut the baseboard with jigsaw.

After that i sandpaper all the sharp edges and made the base ready for painting.

I draw the baseboard with free hand to look like a big puzzle piece.

Step 5: Paint and Fit the Pieces on the Board.

I painted the baseboard with nice vermilion red and gave some black edges to make it look like a cartoon drawing.

Both sides were painted just to see witch one of them looks better.

Step 6: Glue the Pieces on the Board.

Hot glue the hanger parts to the board.

Before gluing the hangers, measure and fit the parts to the board so that they will fit and look good.

Step 7: Installing.

I installed the board to a vestibule cabinet door. To hold it on the door i used two pieces of two sided tape.

It stays on the door well but if needed, it can be removed with moderate force and it will not leave any marks on it.

Step 8: Arrange Keys.

Arrange those keys for the right owner.

This helps to remember to take the right keys with you. It also helps the last person to leave the house to see that who has keys with him and who doesn't.

Step 9: Done.

Simple and stylish key hanger is now done. Enjoy.

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Thanks for reading!

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