Introduction: Pwm Driver With 555

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making a powerfull 12v pwm controler for leds or dc motor

Step 1: Print Pcb

open .pcb file with pcb express

and print it

i use toner transfer method

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

take a look at the circuit diagram

be careful with the polarity every time

better add a fuse at the (+)

this circuit is with N-Channel mosfet and output control the (-)

Step 3: Drill the Holes and Solder the Parts

the parts

  • 1x 555 timer
  • 1x N-channel mosfet (i find it from a broken loptop's motherboard,take a look at mosfet's, you find, datasheet)
  • 2x diodes 1N4148
  • 1x diode 1N4007 (this is not on the pcb i forgot can add it on the motor be careful with the polarity )
  • 1x capasitor 100nf
  • 1x capasitor 1000uF16v
  • 1x resistor 1 k
  • 1x resistor 40 Ohm
  • 1x 50k potentiometer

Step 4: Add the Wires

add all wires, clean the pcb

and test it

Step 5: Paint the Pcb

if you dont have solder mask to protect your circuit paint it with a high temp spray

Step 6: Finish With the Wires

when you finish with the wires add some hot glue at the cables

Step 7: Find or Print a Box for the Circuit

if you have a 3d printer download the .stl files and print it

Step 8: Finish the Project

put all ''thinks'' in the box carefully!!

glue the box cover with instant glue..

Step 9: End


now you can drive leds or motors