Introduction: Two Point Door Lock

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lets make a strong two point lock

we need

  • 3d printer
  • epoxic glue
  • instant glue
  • 3mm shaft
  • 12mm shaft
  • geared motor
  • 2 releys
  • 2 terminal switches
  • dc to dc step down converter (if needed to slow down the motor)
  • input signal (i use motorbike alarm system (because of the control's code))

Step 1: Printed Parts

print the .stl file

you may modify the motor's holder

Step 2: Instant Glue 1

glue the 3mm shaft for the central gear

Step 3: Instant Glue 2

  • glue the lock's holders if needed
  • press it well

Step 4: Mark the Shafts

mark the shafts to glue them with the 3d printed parts

Step 5: Strong Hold

  • cut a little the 12mm shafts for a strong holding
  • glue with the epoxy shaft and 3d printed parts

Step 6: Assembe

  • add the 12mm shafts on the lock-door
  • assemble all the parts

Step 7: Make H-bridge With Terminal Swiches

make a simple h-bridge with 2 relays

that must have

  • 2 inputs for relays
  • 2 inputs for terminal switches
  • dc input
  • output to motor

Step 8:

add the motor and conect the wires

Step 9: Lock-unlock Distance

add the terminal switches like the pics (i use instant glue)

glue them at the corect point for the lock-unlock distance

Step 10: Thanks and Good Luck!

if it broken good luck!!

you must always have a plan b to get in

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