Introduction: Pyramid Head Costume

This is the Pyramid Head costume I made for my brother. It took three days because of missing materials, drying paint, and hot glue injuries.

The helmet took the longest to make. It was made from cardboard, black and red spray paint, chalk, and mesh screen.

I had to add about two layers of cardboard to each side including the noise. The inside is layered with form for head support. The cracks were filled in by white chalk that you can find in all hardware stores. I needed to add alot of mesh screen to hide his face, but forgot to before the picture was taken.

Step 1: Creating the Triangles

Here are the measurements I used to make the helmet: (two panels for front and back)

Side #1: 39in
Bottom: 23.6in
Side #2: 23.6in

The front panels are triangles with two angles at 36 degrees and about 108

Side: 31in
other side: 27.5in
cut down middle to bend cardboard.

That is the back two triangles at 24 degrees at top and 78 degrees at bottom.

Step 2: Making the Rods and Bolts

These are the the black rods and bolts on the side and back of the helmet.

Long Rods: 11in
Short Rods: 9.6in
SM Bobbins: 0.75in thick; 2in across
LG Bobbins: 0.75in to 1in thick; 3in across

The apron is made out of heavy fabric painted with black, red, and brown spray paint. I took about 2 yards of fabric and cut it into three large triangles. I then used yarn to sew the pieces back togehter to give the look of the original apron. This took about 48 hrs just to completely dry from the many layers of spray paint.

The sword in the pictures is just a buster sword used for a FF costume.

Some of the pictures look kinda yellowish due to lighting. Sorry!