Introduction: Pyramid With Paper

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How to make a pyramid with paper.
Any Earthling can come up with such a pyramid, so I'm not claiming to be exceptional. Why i did it? To answer this question, you must ask a deeper question - why are people so fond of handmade items, why do they exchange new ideas?

Let's begin a journey to the past! Marty McFly, where are you? Start the DeLorean. We see distant ancestors of Homo sapiens - apes. Here, one of them just took a stick in its paw and began to crack a nut for lunch! Feels like you are at the movie set filming Space Odyssey. First, apes used sticks, and later they started using stones.

Why did apes become smarter? To use the different instruments, one must have a sharp-witted brain. If apes had an access to, the evolution would've sped up.

In the beginning apes and ancient people used their surrounding materials only for domestic needs (to catch a mammoth, to gather fruits from the trees), however, in the evolution process, humans started creating art from the surrounding materials (sticks, stones, seashells, flowers and other). Humans began to share their knowledge with their kinsfolk -and thus, knowledge was spreading on planet Earth.

Why do people create handmade projects and exchange new ideas? Firstly, to improve their day-to-day life using the gained knowledge. Secondly, to share new artwork. For it is a great feeling - knowing you can create beautiful art!

Why did I make a pyramid with paper? I have an interest in making something with my own hands, to transform my ideas into material things, to share the results of my work with other people.

Marty, the journey is over, come back to the present day, it's time has to make our paper pyramid. The Pyramids? Those who have been to Egypt or Mexico, would remember big structures made of stone. We will make a small pyramid, which will be to accumulate space energy (just kidding about the space energy).

Get your instruments ready: scissors, paper, a ruler and glue.

Step 1:

Draw a pyramid as seen in picture 1.
The length of the base lines and the pyramid's petals is 4 cm, there is small (0,5cm) extension near the petals. Why are the scissors idle? Take them in your hand and cut out the drawn pyramid.

Step 2:

Fold the petals' lines at base of the pyramid, bending the petals (0,5 cm) as well.
Apply glue to the petals. I used the James Bond's spy glue, which, is pink in the beginning, but after a few minutes turns invisible (you can buy this glue in spy shops, there may be a discount for Christmas).

Step 3:

Lift the petals up and connect them by folding their mini petals (0,5 cm). That is all. As you can see - it's a very simple task and you can make many pyramids within an hour. Place them in your apartment and they will attract the Space Energy!