Introduction: Python Intro: COUNTING BOBS

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First, you must get signed up for the class at It is a free online course for learning how to code in python. One of the first steps in the online python class the activity; COUNTING BOBS. I used SourceLair to complete this first problem set. SourceLair is an online IDE that lets you use code in Python. In this activity you must write a program that prints the number of times the string 'bob' occurs in a string of letters.

Step 1: Pasting Your Code

Once you have your code figured out you have to copy and paste it in this box. Then it will show that you have answered the question.

Step 2: Pasting Your Code: Continued

For example, this is the code i pasted into the box on the website. To get this code i entered it into the program Sourcelair to see if it worked.

Step 3: SourceLair Program

This is an example of the code in the Sourcelair program. Sourcelair is free if you do not sign up for Pro. The Harvard course tells you to download a different program, but some computers are unable to download it. The Harvard course will walk you through what to do on the Sourcelair program.You have to make a new file on the program to start coding for the problem set.

Step 4: Step 4

If you don't use the right code, then it will not show up the right way in sourcelair. Also, you will not pass the problem set if you do not paste the correct code into the box on the Harvard site. You will not get credit for the problem set if you enter the wrong code into

Step 5: Checking Your Answer

When you think you have the correct code, you can check it on the Harvard online website. Below where you paste your code, it has a box that says check answer and it will show you the correct answer. Once you have the correct answer you are done with this problem.